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Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang may be the first major Chinese design brand to break into the West. Great designs!     Link

adFunture Blogs - Eddi Yip

Eddi Yip is a toy design artist (although he refuses to call himself that) doing crazy cool work in Shanghai.     Link

Victor's Forever Young...

Victor is one of the bloggers we interviewed in Shanghai - smart, witty and a fun guy to talk to.     Link

对牛乱弹琴 | Playin' with IT by Keso

Keso is one of the most famous bloggers in China, and a really nice, gracious host to boot.     Link

Dwell: Suddenly Shanghai

Dwell Magazine looks at the booming scene in Shanghai.     Link

大声展博客_GIL blog

The aforementioned Get It Louder exhibit of work from young Chinese artists returns in 2007. Here's its blog, with tons of great pictures.     Link

Sze Tsung Leong : History Images

"The photographs in the series History Images are of histories, in the form of cities in China, either being destroyed or created at this juncture in time."     Link

[ 桂林 - Beautiful China

A series of breathtaking photographs of Chinese scenery.     Link

Getting Louder: Chinese Design on the March

A 2005 report on the state of design in China, from the webzine Design Observer.     Link


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