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With Project Good Luck we look at social networks and their intersection with mobile media. This means lifestyle choices across a network of media, design, fashion, art and industry.

Project Good Luck is made up of a team of media analysts, designers, artists, techies, and humanists. We look at forms of communication between generations as well as among friends and colleagues. We begin by listening to what people have to say about their daily experience in an accelerated media sphere. On our first foray, we go to three cities in China: Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. We arrive asking questions, but most importantly to start a dialogue.

Join us on this trip via our blog. Talk to us.

Beth Coleman
Research Director, MIT

Dr. Beth Coleman is a professor of Writing and New Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She teaches in the in the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies and Comparative Media Studies. She is faculty director of the C3 game culture and mobile media initiative. Co-existent with her work in media analysis, she is also a practicing artist in the field of contemporary art. Under the name M.Singe, she co-founded the SoundLab Cultural Alchemy art project, established in 1995.

Rena He Huang
Graduate Researcher, MIT Comparative Media Studies

Rena He Huang got her bachelor's degrees in English Language and Literature at Wuhan University (1995) and in Foreign Affairs, China Foreign Affairs University (1997); she started her career as a researcher in Asia Pacific regional security issues at China Center for International Studies under State Council of the People's Republic of China before she started pursuing her Master's at CMS, MIT. At CMS, Huang works with the Metamedia Research Group on a digital archive project showcasing the animation works and education of Beijing Film Academy's Animation School, which inspired her to delve into the fresh field of animation studies and to explore the transformation of the Chinese society through the study of its animation industry.

Jin Liwen
Graduate Researcher, MIT Convergence Culture Consortium

After finishing her one-year study at the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies in June 2006, Jin Liwen is joining the Department of Comparative Media Studies of MIT this fall. Liwen graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing University in 2005. Her major was advertising and communication. After one year of blogging experience, she became interested in researching the relationship between new media and democracy in China. At CMS, she works with Metamedia Research Group on a project concerning social network use and media in China. She will also work with the Convergence Culture Consortium (C3), where she will focus on branding in China.

Shi Song
Researcher, Project Good Luck, Research Affiliate in Comparative Media Studies program in MIT

Song's research interest in Project Good Luck is mobile media and computer mediated communication in China. His education background is the combination of computer science and humanities. In July 1997, he gained B.E. in the College of Electronic Information and Control Engineering, Beijing University of Technology. In January 2007, he got M.A in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Beijing Normal University. His strong interest in humanity studies, his interdisciplinary background and six years' professional experience in computer software development lead him to the field of media and communication studies. Since October 2006, he has been the researcher in Project Good Luck.

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