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Special Members' Meeting Ballot Results
Please read   WAOE Bylaws (it takes a long time to load since the document is very long). The portions which define members' powers and responsibilities are in Articles 12 and 13

 The Special Members Meeting (Feb. 11- 16, 1999)   completed a ballot which

1) affirmed that the elected officers of WAOE as an organization are the elected officers and
directors of WAOE as a corporation,
Passed with Unanimous vote,

2) called for the First Board of Director's meeting within 45 days of the close of the polls,
Passed with 97% Yes and 3% Abstain,

3) ratified the Bylaws,
Passed with Unanimous vote,

4) considered Waivers of Formal Notice (to accept email notification of meetings and
ballots to waoe-news listserve),
Failed to receive required unanimous vote: 85.7% Yes, 5.7% No, 8.6% Abstain

Statistical Information:
Total eligible voting-member status: 122
Total qualified votes cast: 70
Required quorum: 41
Total non-qualified votes cast (outside poll operating time
and/or non-eligible voting member status): 13


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Last Updated: February 17, 1999