Thursday, March 06, 2008

Online marketing

Online marketing is definitely a prospering industry today. A few years ago, web advertisement is still in its enfancy. Nowadays once you log on internet, you can hardly ignore its existence. It could be a blatant banner on your homepage or a celebrity's blog, delivering to you the message unconsciouly, like "which shampoo is your thing?" What's more, compared to traditional marketing campaign, online marketing are efficient, cheap and easy to measure. But if we take a close look at what kinds of products are engaged with doing online marketing? We see that most of them are products of food and clothes, those Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

I just joined a company doing online marketing campaign. I am now doing a project for the car brand Octavia. I tried to search on-line for projects of those big brands like BMW, Benz, and to see how they do their on-line campaigns. But I almost found nothing. I learned later that those big brands would still cling to off-line events. For example, they will organize a golf clud, or invite all their customer to a party at a travel resort.

As I mentioned in the last blog, internet is a venue for young people, those who are still in the process of growing in the society. To put it direct, young people do not have as much money as their seniors. One of the main reason why internet appeals to young people is its low cost of communication. Internet also cater to young people's needs, interest and style of life.

Then, could I make such a conclusion: internet is a place for both young people and people with low income of a society?
By Shen Wei