Monday, February 18, 2008

Beijing Olympics and mobile media

In our previous post, Olympics are in your pocket: Part One, we began to study how 2008 Olympics affects mobile media and new strategy of Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) in Beijing Olympics. With the approaching of Beijing Olympics, we will keep a closer look at the intersection between Olympics and mobile media.

According to the most updated data , in 2007, China Mobile has gain 369,339 thousands subscribers. As the biggest WSP in the China, China Mobile, has strong effluences on China's wireless communication market. Also their strategies and the services they provide will definitely affect the behaviors and consumption of China's mobile phone users. What services will China Mobile provide for the Beijing Olympics are interesting topics for media analysts to study the role of mobile media in Olympics.

According to the report from, China mobile has planed to provide a series of services during Beijing Olympics. First, text message, they will provide a set of special services concerning Olympics via text message, an communication channel which is extremely popular in China. Second, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) services, with the cooperation of Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG), China Mobile has built the 2008 Beijing Olympics official WAP website. Subscribers will get the most resent information regarding Olympics from this official WAP website. Third, China Mobile will provide new services which require the support of new technologies to highlight one of the slogans of Beijing Olympics, high-tech Olympics. These services include mobile TV, mobile map, mobile bank, Olympics Special Channels and so on.

Will Chinese mobile phone users buy these services? Which services will attract more consumers? Will international users have interests to these services? These are the questions we will discuss in the next half year.

Also, we are looking forward to hearing your ideas about these topics.