Sunday, February 03, 2008

Back to Shanghai

I have been back to Shanghai for about two months. Just as I adapted quickly to the quasi-enclosed (only in the actual world, not on the internet for sure) life in Warwick one year ago. It took me no time to tune back to the rhythem of Shanghai. It is a bit strange. As I have mentioned in my first blog, Warwick is a place where you meet more dogs than real people in an afternoon stroll. I remembered the terrible experience of walking (in a Warwickian speed)in the Victorian metro station in London one day, trying hard not to bump into other people walking-or more precisely running-all around you. And Shanghai metros is even worse. It has more people. And not many people take too seriously the traffic rules both written and unwritten.

But I did not suffer any change-of-environment syndrome like many returned students do. I have picked up my old habit of waiting for the bus to pass first in the pavement even the green light is on, walking to the right, not to the left; getting ready to be stuffed into an already packed bus physically and mentally. Sometimes I even doubt if I really have been away for 12 months as everything here is so familiar to me.

But something is different.
1. The Party Secretary of Shanghai (in some respects like the major of Shanghai) has changed twice.
2. A skyscraper, which will be the tallest building in China upon completion, is under construction along with several metro lines.
3. Prices increased overnight ranging from pork to housing, with the only exception of employees' salary.

Maybe this is the so-called "Shanghai speed".

By ShenWei