Friday, January 04, 2008

Text message and Christmas

What are the main differences between the usage of mobile phone in US and that China? I think one answer should be text message. Text message has entered every corner of China. It has created two innovations in everyday life: text message channel and test message competition. In this post, I want to introduce the first one, text message channel to you. Nowadays, most big websites in China have built text message channels to collect text messages and provide text message online reading and mobile phone subscription. For example, Sina Mobile Channel has its special text message channel; Tom.dom has its text message channel. On these websites, what the customers need to do is to choose the text message they like and input their mobile phone number; then the system of the website will send the text message to their mobile phone for a certain fee. In the text message channel, text messages are divided into different categories, titled as family, love, joke, to husband, to wife and so on. These channels also provide text messages for many festivals and celebrations, including those from Chinese traditional culture and those introduced from western culture. From the contents of the text message channel, we can see that text message has been widely accepted as an entertainment and a way to send greetings on all festivals.

On Christmas, for example, Christmas cards have given their way to text message greetings. Most young people in China will not send Christmas cards to their friends. They visit text message channels, subscribe text message greetings and send them to their friends.