Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interview with the Virtual Cannibal 2/3

Part two of three: “WE DONT WANT NO BODIES !!!”

back story: Gy Harrop is the avatar of a white, male, French adult whose profession is writer, translator, and artist. PGL, your friendly author, met Gy through mutual friends. Gy has participated in a gynophagia (eating woman) sex-play group that simulates sexual engagement that includes rape, other forms of violent assault, asphyxiation, and ultimately the death and consumption of the victim.

Here is part two of the Excerpts from interview. Link to part one.

1. Make a picture through sexual intercourse

[6:44] Hapi Sleeper: there has been rt [real time] online sex for a long time before 3d spaces
[6:44] Gy Harrop: yeah
[6:44] Gy Harrop: right
[6:44] Gy Harrop: but here
[6:44] Gy Harrop is typing...
[6:45] Gy Harrop: and sadistic sex
[6:45] Gy Harrop: it's Sadian
[6:45] Gy Harrop: which means
[6:45] Gy Harrop: (and [Roland] Barthes talked about that I think)
[6:45] Gy Harrop: which means
[6:45] Gy Harrop: mise en scène
[6:45] Gy Harrop: what's the word
[6:45] Gy Harrop: ..
[6:45] Gy Harrop: to make a picture through sexual intercourse
[6:45] Gy Harrop: you know?
[6:46] Hapi Sleeper: yes, that works, mise en scene

Sadian as in the Marquis de Sade; the term "sadism" is derived from his name.
Mise en scène: Stemming from the theater, the French term mise en scène literally means "putting on stage (Wikipedia).

[6:46] Hapi Sleeper: so what happened when you were invited for the snuff film? what do you do and how do you die?
[6:46] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:46] Gy Harrop: I didn’t die
[6:46] Gy Harrop: cos
[6:46] Gy Harrop: thx god
[6:47] Gy Harrop: these kind of projects are never realized here
[6:47] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:47] Gy Harrop: it's a sort of intent
[6:47] Gy Harrop: but just to meet people
[6:47] Gy Harrop: thru a shared interest
[6:47] Gy Harrop: I met plenty of submissive women
[6:47] Gy Harrop: sadistic boys
[6:47] Gy Harrop: and
[6:47] Gy Harrop: that's it
[6:47] Gy Harrop: the project was forgotten
[6:47] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:48] Hapi Sleeper: 'talk' to each other?
[6:48] Gy Harrop: yeah

2.You can truly MEET someone here

[6:48] Hapi Sleeper: better than such talk in rl. or this does not happen 4 u in rl?
[6:48] Gy Harrop: well
[6:48] Gy Harrop: not better
[6:48] Gy Harrop: certainly not
[6:48] Gy Harrop: but
[6:49] Gy Harrop: as "important" as in rl
[6:49] Gy Harrop: i mean
[6:49] Gy Harrop: you can truly MEET someone here
[6:49] Gy Harrop: make the experiments of meeting someone
[6:49] Gy Harrop: which is mainly to understand a singularity
[6:49] Gy Harrop: :)
[6:49] Gy Harrop: I did that
[6:49] Gy Harrop: many times
[6:50] Hapi Sleeper: how do you mean 'understand a singularity'?
[6:50] Gy Harrop: considering there is no proper body [in SL]
[6:50] Gy Harrop: the only thing remaining
[6:50] Gy Harrop is typing...
[6:50] Gy Harrop: is language to share the experiences you did here or in rl
[6:50] Hapi Sleeper: oh, ok
[6:50] Gy Harrop: this sharing is what constitutes a singularity to me
[6:51] Gy Harrop: again
[6:51] Gy Harrop: that's the same RL
[6:51] Gy Harrop: except that RL you have the illusion of the importance of physical embodiment


[6:51] Hapi Sleeper: ah, but you still need to meet them in rl to validate the relationship, to authenticate somehow? it's hard to leave soma entirely behind
[6:52] Gy Harrop: no
[6:52] Hapi Sleeper: seems a mistake to. phantasm
[6:52] Gy Harrop: RL is gone
[6:52] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:52] Hapi Sleeper: lol.
[6:52] Gy Harrop: when you fall in love, I guess you can imagine meeting someone RL
[6:52] Gy Harrop: but that's not the point here
[6:52] Gy Harrop: it would be a mistake
[6:53] Gy Harrop: a misunderstanding of what SL is structurally
[6:53] Gy Harrop: :)
[6:53] Gy Harrop: WE DONT WANT NO BODIES !!!
[6:53] Hapi Sleeper: go ahead. Structurally…
[6:53] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:53] Gy Harrop: yeah
[6:53] Gy Harrop: in this clean space
[6:53] Hapi Sleeper: just language
[6:53] Gy Harrop: where there's no hair, no odor, no sensations
[6:54] Gy Harrop: you have to thrill yourself as much as you can thru language only
[6:54] Gy Harrop: to make a simulacra of experience
[6:54] Gy Harrop: for example
[6:54] Gy Harrop: dolcett
[6:54] Gy Harrop: it's the last possible thing to mourn the sexual experience here
[6:55] Gy Harrop: and it's..
[6:55] Gy Harrop: cannibalism
[6:55] Gy Harrop: !!
[6:55] Gy Harrop: excellent !
[6:55] Gy Harrop: and that's not something invented in his room cos he was a perv
[6:55] Gy Harrop: it's SL that has invented that
[6:55] Hapi Sleeper: sorry, what's dolcett? cannibalism w/out bodies. Artaudian [as in Anotonin Artaud].
[6:55] Gy Harrop: yeah
[6:56] Gy Harrop: it's just the staging (that's it)
[6:56] Gy Harrop: the staging of cannibalism
[6:56] Gy Harrop: as a sexual relation
[6:56] Gy Harrop: I master you, I have sex with you, you're my slave, I eat you
[6:56] Hapi Sleeper: please give me a scenerio. how does it play when there is nothing to eat. symbolic death? christian allegory?
[6:56] Gy Harrop: ..
[6:56] Gy Harrop: lol
[6:56] Gy Harrop: incredible
[6:56] Gy Harrop: well
[6:57] Gy Harrop: again "the strings"
[6:57] Gy Harrop: you just have to select appropriate balls [scripting balls that place an avatar in a particular position or run an animation]
[6:57] Gy Harrop: in appropriate places
[6:57] Gy Harrop: you go ..
[6:57] Gy Harrop: but maybe you could visit one once
[6:57] Gy Harrop: if you have time enough i could lead there

Simulacra: Modern French social theorist Jean Baudrillard argues that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: the hyperreal (Wikipedia).