Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Ring Tong(Color Ring) is so popular

As an innovation of mobile phone entertainment culture, why has CR become so popular in big cities around China within a few days? I agree that China Mobile has played an important role. However, the demand of young consumers in the context of contemporary urban culture is even more important. First of all, the youths in China's big cities are an active group who wish to establish their own personalities. They are anxious to grasp every chance to show that they are different from others, they are unique and cool. And replacing the dull and routing traditional ring tone with a colorful CR meets their demand. This consumption impetus is more obvious among high-school students and junior college students. Secondly, the life in China's cities is becoming more stressful everyday, especially in the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Although the economy gained rapid growth, competition in the job market heated up in the past few years due to the huge population. And it's obvious that the young group have to face more pressure because they have little work experience. The stressful, fast-paced and dull life requires something to relax, rest even abreact. The relaxing and humorous CR satisfies this need. The popularity of language CR is the result of this kind of demand. Language CRs often express things which we may have to avoid saying in our daily life.

Personally, I think the popularity of CR has strong connection with contemporary urban culture. With the further development of urbanization in China, the demand for CR may grow constantly.

What do you think about it? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas.


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