Monday, December 10, 2007

Ring tone: innovation of mobile phone culture and consumption

Ring tone, named as Color Ring (CR) in Chinese, is an innovation of mobile phone culture and consumption in youth in China. It means that you can set a special ring tone for each number stored in your phone. Generally, the popular CRs in China can be divided into two kinds. One is music CR, another is language CR. Music CR is similar to mp3. It's made up of music, song or any remix of music and song. Language CR is made up of language, almost without music and rhythm. It can be a greeting, a joke, a short story or a simple sentence without any meaning. When a friend calls you, the ring tone he hears is the CR you set for him. A customer can download any CR he likes from the website of the SP(service provider), generally with a certain fee. CR provides customers a new way to entertain, to relax, to be cool and unique. At the same time it makes great profit for SP. Chinese customers, especially the young people, show great zeal for the new kind of entertainment.

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