Monday, December 10, 2007

China blogsphere report: Wangjianshuo's Blog & Sina

Here is Song’s summary of important blogposts in China this week, featuring star blogger wangchu and issues political (AIDS) and pop (lovers' blog contest) at Sina. Some of the links are in English some in Chinese. We’ll write more detailed responses when Song is done with his grad school applications ;-)

Here is a sample…

Wangjianshuo's blog
Events (in Shanghai) that affect my life (and others')

When I wrap up my Young Leaders Forum 2007, and the extension trip in Suzhou, Tongli, and Shanghai, I could not help thinking about an important question about the future of China: Are we, as a nation, afraid of grace and beauty?

1. The recent posts from featured blogger, Wangjianshuo's Blog
Atlantis Launch Delayed

Spend Money on Art or Poverty: a discussion on the Young Leaders Forum about how to spend money for the young generation.

3. His trip for the Young Leaders Forum and an introduction on
the traditional idea about beauty and grace.

The hot topics in
Sina this week:

4. Whether
fee of broad band Internet high or not.

5. The special blogs and topics on
AIDS in China

The ADIS research center in Qinghua University

The lovers' blog contest, a business strategy for Sina to attract more visitors