Thursday, November 22, 2007

State of Emergency in Pakistan: Networked Media

Here are quotes from Huma Yusuf’s post on the use of new media channels such as SMS & Internet newsmedia broadcast during the Pakistant State of Emergeny that has shut down traditional television and radio broadcast.

SMS text messaging is being lauded across the blogosphere as the savior of communication in this time of crisis. According to unofficial reports issued by mobile phone service providers, record numbers of text messages have been sent in the past five days as the medium is used to stay in touch and organize protests.

The Internet continues to function normally in most places, and the websites of news media providers, including private television stations and major English-language newspapers…

On the social networking site Facebook, over 5000 people have joined a group titled “We Oppose Emergency in Pakistan.”

Barely a day after emergency rule was declared, a Wikipedia page titled “2007 Pakistani state of emergency” was posted.

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