Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Olympics are in your pocket: Part2

Several weeks ago, we discussed a very interesting topic: mobile TV and 2008 Olympics. I hope to continue our discussion now. ResearchInChina, a leading independent provider of China business intelligence, also predicted that the subscribers of mobile TV will get huge increase from 50 thousand in 2007 to 500 thousand in 2008 because of the Olympics.

Another positive news for the mobile TV is that the dominant content provider in TV and the official television of Beijing Olympics, CCTV(China Central Television Station), has shown strong interest to mobile TV. They have set special mobile TV channels on their website, CCTV.com. Actually, since 2007, CCTV has provided 8 channels programs for mobile TV subscribers. However, to predict a mobile TV boom in China in 2008, we still need to see the responds from China Mobile because in convergence culture the success of mobile TV, a typical production of media convergence, lies in the cooperation between television content providers and the wireless communication service providers. As we have seen at the beginning of the article, the slogan, Olympics are in your pocket, highlighted the ambition and strategies of China Mobile during 2008 Olympics. They have launched series promotional activities named My Mobile Olympics to drum up their ideas that mobile media will play a significant role in 2008 Olympics. But up to now, from the official website of My Mobile Olympics, the traditional wireless value-added services, such as SMS, ring tong, mp3 and WAP, played the main role. While Mobile TV has not been added into any package of China Mobile as a new feature focusing on Olympics. This is the reason why I believed, to predict a mobile TV boom during Olympics, we still need more positive responds from China Mobile. But new information concerning Olympics is coming everyday. As media analysts who have interest to this topic, what we need to do is to have a close look at all signals from China Mobile concerning mobile TV. We, Projectgoodluck, hope you join our discussion about Beijing Olympics and mobile TV.


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