Thursday, July 13, 2006

Shanghai bloggers

We met with 13 (oops, unlucky number), hardcore local bloggers this evening to focus and explore on the subject of why we blog, how we blog, and who is this imagined local and international community of respondents. It is full on here, whether or not gets blocked or not. The group ranged from 18-25 and as representatives of the new generation of Chinese, and yes in it’s super specific way, Shanghainese citizens, they all said their parents had not only no clue about what they were doing in their off hours….and that the pervious generation had very limited tools by which to understand the locally –global reach of individual communications. Rad.
Rene, Kevin, and Lewin will have more to say on this subject.

Btw, the Asia addition of the Wall Street Journal reported today that youth groups in China, the pre-teen set are BBS-out, blogging, and emailing about the tyranny of childhood they perceive at the moment. Too much parental stress on what is since the ‘70s the legally allocated one-child per family.


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